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Learn Arabic and the Quran online with 100% Arabic-speaking teachers.

The means currently available to learn Arabic - the language that is the key to our religion - are varied. For those who are not able to travel to Arab countries to study Arabic, Allah has certainly removed this impediment from them by making available to them online. You learn from home through skilled and experienced instructors based on an original program with real objectives. Mastery of Arabic can come true for you with Daralfasaha.


Daralfasaha: A Center For The Whole Family.

Daralfasaha provides online Arabic and Quran lessons for the whole family and with a program specially tailored to everyone. This program has now been taught for several years in schools and online.

A Unique Program with Defined Objectives

The Arabic language program is unique to the Daralfasaha center. It is an exceptional program, one of its kind and which starkly differs from other curriculums. this program was chosen by the administration of the site after thorough review, experience, and a careful study of several programs. We have formulated this program for you as it maximizes grasp of Arabic while minimizing tedious aspects of study. There is no level without the pupil finding one of his objectives achieved.

Vision and Purpose

The Daralfasaha Institute for learning Arabic and Quran online brings you experience, expertise, superb curricula, and professionalism to allow you to progress in the acquisition of the Arabic sciences. The objective of the Daralfasaha online center is to help you on your journey to understand and learn the books of scholars. Learning Arabic is the key to understanding Islam and the Quran.

Variety of Choice

With Daralfasaha, you have the possibility to choose your schedules according to your availability. Students may thus study up to four days per week You can choose to enroll in Arabic lessons, Quran lessons, or Arabic language lessons with Quran lessons.