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Please be advised and note the following:


It is not permitted to speak on the site (administration and teachers) by speaking irresponsibly. We are open to any correction or sincere advice from you and you are appreciated and commended for it. The Muslim is a mirror to his brother and the man is weak when alone and strong with his brothers. The administration, therefore, hopes that every Muslim will conduct his/herself as a trul a Muslim - sending advice to the one needing it, with evidence, etiquettes, and fine manners. It will otherwise be deemed unacceptable by the administration. We thank every helping hand who guides us to see our shortcomings. It is Allah who we ask for help and it is He who guides to the right path. Every student is expected to have read the terms and conditions before enrolling. It is imperative every student be aware of the conditions before enrolling as they will be responsible and expected to fully comply upon enrollment.

  • No refunds issued after registration and payment of tuition.
  • Abide by finalized schedule; unexcused absences or tardiness will not be recompensated.
  • The student is granted one makeup day for one absence, (the student must notify admin of absence 24 hours in advance, before the day of his/her actual.)
  • If the study has started within the agreed timeframe, between the administration and the student, it cannot change the time, the duration of the level, but if the change was appropriate for the teacher. The times table of the scheduled classes cannot be altered once finalized unless if deemed appropriate or necessary by the instructor.
  • If the teacher arrives late, the time will be calculated and redeemed at the end of the session.
  • In case of absences, the student will notify of his absence at least one day in advance.
  • Tardy beyond 30 minutes will result in class cancellation for that day and he will be marked as absent.
  • A student facing a problem or having a remark must submit their concerns to the admin.
  • If the student accumulates absences which reaches half of the number of courses of the course, his course will hence be canceled. If the student wishes to continue after that, he will have to renew his course.
  • If the pupil is a child, his guardian must be present by his side during the lesson.