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« I went around the institutes online but I was not as satisfied as in this one. The teachers have a very good level and know how to teach non-Arabic speakers. »


Student Daralfasaha


Our instructors:

  • All our instructors are graduates of the most prestigious Egyptian universities.
  • All of our instructors are 100% Egyptian and Arabic speaking.
  • The administrations places great importance on punctuality. The instructors are contractually obligated to be present at the time for class. Every minute passed in their tardiness will be recompensed to the student.
  • Our instructors stand out for their experience in communicating with non-Arabic speaking students, in order to correctly explain the lessons and concepts.
  • All our instructors have an approved diploma after having successfully completed internships in the field of teaching non-Arabic speakers.
  • All Instructors teach the Arabic language in Arabic. And thanks to their long experience, they can easily explain to the student, he understands and does not need an intermediate language, except when necessary.
  • The Quran instructor is a graduate and certified (Ijaza). He is experienced in memorizing and teaching tajweed.